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  • Composer Available for 2015

    Hi All

    I'm a young composer/student who writes library/trailer music for major labels including EMI, Warner C21FX etc..

    I'm advertising here because I enjoy scoring shorts and have been involved with some good projects through Film Maker Forum in the past.

    My website for consideration:

    Very best

    Jordan Rees

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    What does sound designer mean? Do you do sounds too in addition to music?

    Also, were you asking to work for free on shorts?

    Lastly, are you available right now between today and the day after tomorrow?

    And after lastly, how long will you take to score a three minute movie?


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      Thanks for your message - I'm pretty busy at the moment, but it would be great to see the movie. I'm not a sound designer, I only do music.

      3 minute movie, maybe 2 days to get it good, depends what it is.

      No promises, but would like to know more anyway




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        Cheers Jordan! We'll see if this works.

        I have uploaded the video for you below. It has no sound as it is the sound we are working on now, so let me just give you the general idea:

        It's late at night and all is peaceful and quiet at the sheep kraal. Just before midnight there's a knock at the door and Kevin lights the lamp and finds it's a messenger boy with a letter.

        The letter reads that Kevin's sheep are going to be stolen, as they are confiscated by people who have a new ideology called "Better World Project".

        So Kevin demands Snuifie (the messengerboy) takes him to show who gave him the message to deliver.

        They drive to the place where Snuifie shows somebody who's "collecting food" for the BWP, in other words breaking in everywhere and stealing food.

        Then they chase the guy, not knowing if he's dangerous or not, but he gets away.

        They decide to go put the car in storage and get another car, because the guy knows this car now and they won't see him again, and Kevin really wants to talk to him about this whole sheep confiscation thing.

        Later on the police are patrolling the area with dogs, and Kevin and Snuifie go back to the sheep. Approaching the kraal, they hear somebody in there, and there is the guy already busy stealing their sheep. They try to sneak up on him but fail and the guy runs away, with them after him.

        Well that's as far as this episode goes. Have a look and let me know if it's to your standards of association. The music must have lots of impact and dramatics, with pure beauty intertwined. Have a go if you'd like; we'll probably need it done within about 55 hours starting now.


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          Hey thanks so much for your response - and sorry I was slow - been crazy over here.

          Unfortunately as good as the film is, I won't be able to do it within the time constraints due to another project.

          I hope I haven't wasted your time - If you do want to try me again, you'll have better luck with a longer lead in time!

          Very best, and best of luck with the project



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            Hey no problem at all limey! When you didn't respond within 6 hours, I passed the job on to our scoring department who made short work of it.

            I am curious though since I've never heard your work; would you say you would have done a better or worse job than this:


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              Thanks for the response - Looks great! Thats not for me to say - but I invite you to look/listen to some stuff on my website to give you an idea.