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  • Using music in a Youtube Video

    I want to make a video and upload it to youtube, but I know as soon as it's up it will be muted or blocked in some countries, because of the songs used. How does a 16 year old go about getting permission to use these songs in it without all of this trouble?

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    Depending on what song and artist you use, it's usually not muted. But, it probably will be blocked in certain countries.

    If you want to do it the absolute legal way call ASCAP and find out who you have to ask. Then ask permission. Chances are 99.99% without getting paid it's going to be NO.

    I personally use whatever I want and allow them to block wherever they want. I have 90 videos I think and only one has been muted and removed, Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and Joey Ramone which I used for my sister's wedding video.


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        The easiest-but-sometimes-won't-work-way is to include them in your credits section. The reliable way is to contact the owners of the music you are using.
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          Do you need to use mainstream music?

          If you are trying to use mainstream music I agee like stated the only way to do it without worrying about later problems, is contacting the owner of the copyright to that music and getting written permission.

          If you just need a royalty free track, there are alot of solo musicians doing the one man band and self producing thing these days. You could reach out to one of them and offer them credit for trade & permission to use there tracks or even ask them to make custom tracks for your video.


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            I am a composer who has sells royalty-free stock music on my website. I have a couple of free trial songs on my site you could use. Check it out at