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Casting Non-Speaking Roles

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  • Casting Non-Speaking Roles

    How do you hold an audition for a role with no lines. For example, let's say you are casting the monster in a monster movie. Obviously it's a pretty important role, but how do you test their abilities without running lines?

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    Emotions. Getting points across visually. If you need someone that can look scary. Have them do their best to look scary. If you need someone who constantly wields an AX, have them wield a broom in the audition. Give them bits of action to act out.

    I had a woman come in to read for a supporting role. She was a fantastic actress. I still needed someone for the lead role of Mom. But, she needed to be old enough to have a 25 year old son. So, I nicely asked her if she could, she in no way looks like she could have a son that old. I had her cold read for Mom. I got a broom from the rehearsal space and had her beat a garbage pail as if it were her son. Not only was she great, she bent the metal broom on a plastic garbage pail.


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      A common tip I've heard is to offer direction. Even if at the audition they do it just the way you wanted on the first try, have them change something major to see how they take direction.
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        Shoot a scene, within your means, right out of the script. You'll know right away if it will fit what you're looking for.