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  • Actor Wanted Actor Wanted Horror Feature

    Ok, guys (FEMALES PLEASE refer to the *Actress Wanted* AD

    Obviously the members here get first option, but if you have come to this link via craigslist register and leave your info.

    So my last horror film is coming out amazing! Below is some behind the scenes from the shoot.

    So now that is in post production I am ready to start prepping my next horror film!!
    I do have a drama coming up that will be filmed at Universal but I think I might be able to fit this one in before.

    Some talent details:

    Looking for two (2) male talent

    Ethnicity: Any
    Body: Fit

    Genre: Horror/Thriller
    Days: 5 days (night shoots)
    Date: not sure yet, soon.
    Pay: Sag $250 max, $150 min - Depends on budget

    Do to some great distribution news, this will be a great opportunity for anyone that feels they got the "stuff" and to get themselves in a film that is getting distributed worldwide.

    If you dont make it in this one, dont worry keep trying, I have lots of projects slated for 2012-2013 - Just a few months ago I had some people that didnt get picked for one film, but made it in another.

    Here is the behind the scenes as promised from last shoot I posted here

    [ame=""]Creature Effects Design - The Recording - YouTube[/ame]
    Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue

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    Re: Actor Wanted Actor Wanted Horror Feature

    My name is Joe Rivera, I live in Hollywood, and I'm interested in being in the horror feature. I attached my headshots and resume, with all of my contact info, to this reply.
    Joe Rivera
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      Feature Horror Film


      What's up man? Hook me up with an audition! Headshots/reel are at the site below. Thanks dog,

      Hunter Johnson
      Hunter Johnson | Actor Writer Filmmaker Musician
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        Horror Film Lead Actor

        Hi my name is Adrian Bustamante I can be contacted at 925-642-6528 or by email at

        I have placed my resume in the body of this email.

        You can see more info on my IMDB page at:

        Adrian Bustamante - IMDb

        Here are links to my reels and other photos:

        Demo Reels -

        Adrian Bustamante
        Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brown 925-642-6528 actor[at]
        -“Red Tails” Italian Bartender (Supporting) Lucas Film
        -“What Just Happened” Lou’s Entourage (Supporting)) Sony Pictures
        -“Beast” Corporal Marlowe (Supporting) Space Naked Films
        -“Broken” Doppelganger (Supporting) 918 Films
        -“T-Minus” Dad (Lead) World Frequency Films
        -“My Night With Andrew Cunanan” Andrew (Lead) Hit Maker Films
        -“Reflections of Magda” Michael (Lead) Tatranska Films
        -“He Spoke Only One Word” Regan (lead) SFSU Films
        -“My Country, My Politics” Harold (Lead) Robinson Films
        -“The Lot” Leonard (Supporting) Frame 24 Films
        -“Wake” Scott (Lead) AAU Films
        -“Red Ice” Demon Cop (Supporting) Atomic Productions
        -“In the Wake” Scott (Lead) Artoro Films
        - “WW II A Love Story” Aldo (Lead) SFFS Films
        -“My Name is Khan” Surprised Student (Featured) Dharma Productions
        -“Petals” Spencer (Lead) Whirlwind Productions
        -“Merger Inc Larry (Lead) SFFS Films
        -“Anjanni, Anjanna” Chaperone (Supporting) Dharma Productions
        -“Trauma” 8 episodes Brandon Trimmer (Supporting) NBC
        -“Young and The Restless” 2 Episodes Sean Hattifield (Co Star) CBS
        - “Apt. 23” Shocked Bus Boy ABC
        - “Dexter” Day Laborer (Co Star) Showtime
        -“Love Bites” Pilot Jeremy Harrison (Co Star) NBC
        -“True Blue” Pilot Detective Vera (Co Star) ABC
        - “Witch Hunters Bible” Scribe (Co Star) National Geographic
        -“Fairly Legal” Angry Hot Dog Buyer (Co Star) USA Network
        -“Alternate History” Jewish Escapee (Supporting) Spike TV
        -“I didn’t Know I was Pregnant” EMT (Co-Star) Discovery Health
        -“Sports Science” O.J. Mayo (Motion Capture) ESPN
        -“Tips on How to Throw a Party Guest (Lead) Fine Living Network
        Cocktail Party”
        -“I Almost Got Away With It” 5 Episodes Police Officer (Co Star) Indigo/ Discovery Channel
        -“Sekai Gyoten News 5 Episodes Lead Detective (Lead) Duo Creative
        -Conflicts Available Upon Request
        Ebay Principle Tom Hart Studios
        Manfrotto Principle Jenny Bullock Productions
        Kimpton Hotels Principle Creative Productions
        Westin St Francis Principle International Productions
        Dolby Digital Principle Dolby Digital
        College Pro Painters Principle Growers and Nomads
        Ahnu Shoes Principle Dexter Productions
        CJUS Text Book Cover Principle Genevieve Shiffrar
        Malibu Kayaks Principle Dwayne Lee
        -LG 3D TV Principle KK Studios
        -Lenovo Principle Woo Agency
        -Cisco Principle Pro Wave Media
        -Chevron Oil Stop Principle Chevron Oil Stop
        -Saba Featured Elastic Media
        -Adobe Principle Autofuss Productions
        -Wine Tasting Sales Video Spokesperson (TelePrompTer) Sierra Digital
        -UC Berkley ESL Training Site Principle (TelePrompTer) UC Berkeley
        -Face Vision Principle Content X
        -Stanford University Training Video Principle Stanford University
        -Yahoo’s “The Y” Host Emerging Artist Productions
        -Pay Pal Principle Level 2 Productions
        -eBay Principle Tom Galt Production
        -Trend Micro Principle Red Gate Productions
        -C-NET “30 Second Tip” Host CBS Interactive
        -Dolby Digital Principle Dolby Digital
        -Wells Fargo Principle ICV Digital Media
        -C-NET “Did You Know” 5 Episodes Host CBS Interactive
        -Cisco Principle Groove 11
        -Check Point Spokesperson (TelePrompTer) Corbin Image & Sound
        -Egg Head Spokesperson (TelePrompTer) Egg Head Productions
        -Diamond Tip Principle Pro Wave Media
        -Lingual Net 2 episodes Principle Lateral Communications
        Video Game
        -Mafia 2 Motion Capture 2K Marin
        Stunt Work
        -Only Sunday Stunt Man Atomic Productions
        -Charter College Radio Spot Principle Becker Media
        -Unity Stereo Principle Audio King
        Motion capture training, Beginning stunt training, Green screen training, Efficient in TelePrompTer reading, Police academy training, Baseball (2 years College/4 year independent leagues),Weapons Training, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Sky diving
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          Hey there would love to be considered for either this project or any other upcoming project. Later this month I film a short along the lines of Ghostbusters...should be loads of fun! :)
          I live in Burbank, CA right next to Universal Studios. you can view my reel and so much more like my self produced sketch comedies etc.

          Kind Regards,

          James Di Giacomo
          IMDb - James Di Giacomo


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            Credited Actor w/demo reel - Horror Feature

            My name is Matt Prater and I've attached a couple of head shots to this post + links to my updated IMDB profile and demo reel for your consideration. I can be reached via email at (PRATERPIX[at]GMAIL.COM).

            IMDB Profile
            IMDb Pro : Matthew Prater Business Details

            Demo Reel
            [ame=]Matt Prater - Demo Reel - YouTube[/ame]

            Here's the trailer for my latest leading role...

            "Shooting April" - Award Winning Thriller Feature
            (available on demand nation-wide)
            [ame=]Shooting April TRAILER - YouTube[/ame]

            I recently wrapped a lead role in a television pilot for a new comedy series for FX and I'm currently seeking another great project/team with which to work.

            In 2011, I co-created/starred in a 10-episode comedy web series titled "Mating 101" that won awards at the 2011 Los Angeles Web Festival and helped land the lead role in the pilot I just wrapped.

            Mating 101
            Episode 1 - MATING 101: An Introduction - YouTube

            Series Lead - "Secret Bedfellows" - FX Pilot - 2012
            Lead - "Road to Red" - Action/Thriller Feature - Releasing 2012
            Series Lead - "Mating 101" - Award Winning Comedy Web Series - 2011
            Lead - "Shooting April" - Award Winning Suspense/Thriller Feature - 2011
            Lead - "Pushing Thirty" - Buddy Comedy Feature - 2009
            Lead - "Passed the Door of Darkness" - Cop Thriller Feature - 2008
            Supporting - "On the Job Training" - Comedy Feature - 2007
            Supporting - "Peaceful Warrior" - Lion's Gate Feature - 2006

            Click image for larger version

Name:	MattPrater1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	37.5 KB
ID:	59995

            Click image for larger version

Name:	MattPrater2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	98.5 KB
ID:	59996


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              My Reel
              [ame=]BRANDON LAMAR ACTING - YouTube[/ame]

              Brandon Lamar
              New York, NY
              (205) 541 7907
              Height: 6'2
              Shirt: [at]16.5 N/36 S
              Jacket: 42[at]L
              Shoe: 13

              Sean John- Fit Model [at] [at] [at]
              Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fashion Show- model
              Getty Images-Stockmodel[at][at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at][at]
              Mecca USA-[at]Model
              Ciroc Vodka- Common Concert- Model[at]
              Live “Unleash” DVD Shoot- Model
              Young Jeezy Album Release Party-[at]Model

              PROMOTIONAL MODELING[at][at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at]
              Michel Germain’s, Sexual[at]Fresh Pour Homme- Underwear[at]Model[at]
              Tiffany’s & Co.[at]Promotional Model [at] [at] [at] [at] [at]
              Ultimate Athlete [at] [at] [at] [at] [at][at][at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at]Physical Fitness Model
              [at][at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at]
              Guilt- Anthony (lead)G
              Denounced- Kenny
              Elle Varner f/ J. Cole- Just Wanna Give It to You (Lead Model)
              Never Let the Noodles Get Cold- LEAD
              The Black Box (student film)-[at]
              Actor/John John
              Angels and Demons (student film)- Actor/ Handsome Guy[at]
              Footlocker/Adidas- Actor/Referee [at][at]
              Salt N Pepa Show- Actor/model[at][at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at][at][at][at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at]
              Tyra Bank’s ShowW- Actor/model
              Mecca USA-Model [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at]
              Angelique Kidjo f/ Josh Stone [at]
              “Gimme Shelter” [at]Video- Actor/model
              Dennis Miller “Grand Stand”-[at]Model [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at] [at][at]
              Daryl Sledge Acting Workshop
              Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in marketing from the University of Alabama, December 2004
              Runway &[at]Mechanical Modeling- Real Life Modeling Agency,[at]Birmingham, AL
              Certified Personal Trainer
              CPR Certified
              SPECIAL SKILLS
              poetry, creative writing,[at]public speaking, motivational speaking, personal training, , stand up comedy, improv, southern accent[at],versatile[at]model


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                Dear Nick-

                Would love to work with you and your project. The last horror completed was The Call of Cthulhu in the role of Agent Gil. Just wrapping up on the web series Z.O.V. in the role of Grant (this is a horror piece as well)

                Additional info for your serious consideration may be found here:
                Kutcha - IMDb




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                  iron190's submission



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                    Interested in working with you

                    Hello, I heard about your project and am very interested in working with you. Here are some of my photos and links to my reels. Thanks for your consideration!

                    XingKai Wu

                    Commercial Reel:

                    Theatrical Reel:

                    Dance and Martial arts Demo:
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                      Talent Needed - Lead Horror Film

                      Link to Resume and Pics
                      KEITH BOSSIER - Resume | Actors Access

                      Link to Reel


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                        Young-Looking Actress

                        Hi! I am an actress based out of the Bay Area and I know I have 'the stuff' you're looking for! I am very commited and dependable and am more than willing to travel! I've attached my headshot (my resume won't upload for some reason). Please also check out my website as well: Drama in the Life of an Actress & Model

                        (I just sent you an email about VO work as well!)

                        Thank you!
                        Brittany M Williams
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                          Michael Vincente

                          Actors needed
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                            Interested Actor

                            Hello, My name is Samuel great actor as well as a dancer currently student but looking to take my craft forward i think I would be great for this film I am ready to start on a new page of the arts. I have a 21 year old African American male weight 160IBs I am 5.8 and half hope you are very interested you can reach me at stjustes1[at] with more information on auditions there I can send you my resume and more info bout my experience hope to hear from you soon thank you for you time.



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                              Hello, My name is Samuel great actor as well as a dancer currently student but looking to take my craft forward i think I would be great for this film I am ready to start on a new page of the arts. I have a 21 year old African American male weight 160IBs I am 5.8 and half hope you are very interested you can reach me at stjustes1[at] with more information on auditions there I can send you my resume and more info bout my experience hope to hear from you soon thank you for you time.