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  • Voice Over Voice Over Talent Needed

    (Update - I have used many from this list, and will be building this during January/February 2013)

    Hey guys, I am looking to build up my voiceover contacts for many future projects. Male and Female - would be great to have on file for many projects I have coming up.

    Post here if you are interested.
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    Hey Nick!
    My boyfriend Adam and I are interested in doing some voice overs for you. We are both actors. You can email us at sparkyrefrigerator[at]
    Thank you!


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      Female voice talent available

      Hi , I saw your posting on Craigslist. I am interested and can record from home. I have some basic demos up at and also have done a lot of singing/recording and also spoken words in some trance tracks (hapacami's sets on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free). If interested in me for a job at any time, email me, cami_waldeck[at]



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        moo, and cami310 have been added to film contacts
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          for NICK - VOICE OVER ACTOR

          I have links to examples of my Voice Over work below - but here my BRAND NEW Actors Demo Reel to get a taste of my voice from the different characters I've played recently - Jose Rosete | Official Jose Rosete Website[at]

          Voice Over examples...

          On-Line Ad for SIMPLE HUMAN -

          Commercial for PlayerSync - Playersync "FRIENDS" on Vimeo

          Commercial for Johnnie Walker - Johnnie Walker "Dream" (TRT: 45) on Vimeo

          Commercial for National Domestic Violence Hotline (strong language) - National Domestic Violence Hotline (TRT: 30) EXPLICIT on Vimeo

          Indy Curve Stair Lift from Nationwide Lifts -
          [ame=]Indy Curve Stair Lift from Nationwide Lifts - YouTube[/ame]

          I recently completed the voice for the lead role in Berserk Entetainment's "Suicide Run" - Suicide Run | Berserk Entertainment - Unstoppable Creativity and I did the voice for a main character in the video game "Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights" available for PS2, PS3, PSP, X-BOX 360 and the PC.

          IMDB page - Jose Rosete - IMDb

          Jose Rosete
          (818) 253-1188


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            Voice over

            I did all the male voices in this piece:

            Woman Seeking Men

            If need be, I suppose I could do the voices on non-insane characters also.

            Need dialogue?
            You need Copper Smith:


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              Hi there!

              I am a VO talent in the Buffalo area with my own studio. I feature quick turn-around, and can complete most projects in one business day.

              You hear my demos at Home - Paul Morey Voice Over

              I look forward to hearing from you,

              Paul J. Morey


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                Midwest VO talent

                Hi Nick! I would be happy to be considered for your short list of VO talent. Here's a link to my website with demos. I have phone patch and Source Connect in my home studio if you ever need to provide live direction. I'm quick on the turnaround as well. Thank you!

                Anthony Gettig Voiceovers - Home



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                  I am a voice actor whose voice can be heard from coast to coast; New York to North Carolina, Seattle to San Diego. I have done voice overs for GPS systems, self guided tours with the National Park Service, commercials, and student projects. With a voice that is capable of sounding twenty something to sixty something, I have a wide age range that will satisfy most female voice needs.
                  Goivanni Films
                  [ame=]The Beanery 2011 - YouTube[/ame]
                  [ame=]Salon Utopia 2011 - YouTube[/ame]
                  Reflect Films
                  Reflect Films San Diego Documentary Profile Stock Video or
                  MaggieHTaylor's Channel - YouTube
                  Project by Brandon Wilson & Mia Bolton
                  Final Project at Brooks Institute
                  [ame=]SECOND CUT MPEG 4 - YouTube[/ame] (Iím the voice of Diana)
                  Audioboo / Case Crusaders
                  Audioboo / Case Crusaders
                  Maggie H Taylor


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                    Hi Nick!

                    Mukti Garceau, voice over artist in L.A. with home studio. Most of my demos are on my website: and email address mukti[at]


                    Mukti G.
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                      Voice Over

                      Hey Nick...Would love to do some voice over work for you. My demo is available at I also am quite adept at writing copy also. Hope to hear from you soon. My email address is CKoudouris[at]

                      Chris Koudouris
                      San Antonio, TX


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                        Voice Over Talent

                        Hey Nick,

                        I bet you could use me on a few things. Check out my link and let me know when I can be of service.


                        Chet W. Sisk


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                          Hi Nick,

                          You can find my work at Voice Over Artist | Commercial Voiceover | Eric Wibbelsmann

                          Here's a YouTube link for a campaign I just finished with Hotmail.

                          [ame=]"Messenger Boys" by Hotmail - YouTube[/ame]

                          Be well.



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                            We're interested!


                            My husband and I are both professional voice over talent as well as professional audio engineers. We have a great home studio with top of the line gear. We'd love to be added to your roster! :)

                            Here are links to some of our demos:

                            Jaimie (me)

                            Micah (husband)

                            Hope to hear from you! :)



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                              Please add me to your talent roster

                              I have a complete professional studio(isdn included) and I offer rapid turnaround on script/copy. Audio sample available at the following link.

                              Ken O'Brien's Page - VU