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Holding Auditions, Any Tips?

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  • Holding Auditions, Any Tips?

    As many of you know, I'm going to be holding auditions for my Spaghetti Western project about the female gunslinger. And I have recieved a little over 200 emails with possible applicants. The only thing I'm afraid of is our window of time for auditions is going to be very short if a bunch of people show up. So how would you recommend moving people through quickly while still getting a quality audition?

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    MrJay10, where are you having these auditions? Does the talent know you are not a professional filmmaker yet? Because if they don't I promise things have a good chance at getting weird if you are not prepared.

    There are lots of creepers out there so you have to make sure you host casting professionally so you are not marked as a creeper :)

    Just trying to prevent something that happened to me from happening to you ;)


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      Yes, I've set everything up as professionally as possible. And yeah I'm really prepared. I'm holding auditions at a casual office building, and have 2 other crew members that will be helping me with lobby work and the associate producer is going to help me with casting. Have all the registration and release forms all written up, along with prepared sides.

      but haha thanks for the tips though! I hope that doesn't happen to me either!


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        Hey Jay, keep it up brother! You are making things happen and that is very important in producing movies


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          Originally posted by Mark View Post
          Hey Jay, keep it up brother! You are making things happen and that is very important in producing movies
          appreciate it man! First place I'm going to post the film is on here when it's all done.


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            If you want to cut down on who is going to show up here's a few things you can do.

            1. Have an idea of what your character should look like. So, if your character is tall and thin with blond hair, those are the ones to invite. I always have a general idea of what a character should look like.

            2. If you have definite dates which you'll be shooting, check with the actors and be sure they are available.

            3. Out of the hundreds of responses I receive, there's a handful that actually interest me. You have to remember, headshots are suppose to make the actors look their best. It's rarely that way once they're in the room. You have names, do a youtube or google search. You might find some of their other stuff. If they really suck, then they probably really suck.

            One thing to remember, just because someone has a lean resume doesn't mean they don't have talent. Everyone starts somewhere. It's recognizing the talent when it's sitting in front of you that matters.

            Have Fun casting. It's always a blast. Especially the people that are absolutely awful.

            You might want to send the invited sides in PDF. Just have a few on hand, because some of them won't bring them.


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              Yeah, what I think I'm going to do is make a bunch, then have people put the sides back on the table when they're done auditioning so I'm not wasting paper


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                I think you'll be able to see quite readily those who fit the part and those who won't, from there, when you actually have them read lines, make sure they read lines and then do an improv stint. If they can fly off the cuff, you may have a winner.
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