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Casting Calls Make Me Feel Rasict lol

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  • Casting Calls Make Me Feel Rasict lol

    The film takes place in 1874 in Texas. So the majority of people are going to be white or hispanic. Not that I'm profiling, it's just the ethnicity of the times! I feel kind of rasict for whenever I get submissions from other races and I don't want to be like, no you can't audition because you're a certain race. And when I don't respond I don't want it to feel like I'm ignoring them lol.

    I'm mixed with black and white, and I'm making a Western. If it was a movie in the hood there probably wouldn't be a lot of white people either. I just wish there was an easier way to tell people I'm not looking for their type of race. I think it brings up an interesting topic none the less.

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    If you only want an actor of a certain race(s), then you should specify that in the description of each role that you're casting.
    If there are other physical characteristics that you want/need for each character (tall/short/blonde/brunette) you should specify that as well. Actors don't expect to hear back from you if you aren't interested in having them audition.

    It's standard procedure, although I understand how you feel.
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      yeah, Idk why they kept messaging me, because I specified on there. Well not for hair color and stuff but for race I did. But ok, thanks for the words :)