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  • Casting Insane People

    I worked ten years at a repertory theatre and had seen it all when it came to auditions. The good, the bad, and the pitiful.

    My first feature I cast fairly quick. Because of the material, a few of the parts were difficult to fill. But, once everyone was set, the entire cast and tiny crew were a dream come true. A truly wonderful experience.

    My second feature I figured would go the same route. Nothing could be further from fact. The first lead actress decided after getting the role to leave for 3 months in the middle of shooting. After painstaking hours of frustration I canned the entire project till I could recast.

    Here's where you can learn something.

    I held auditions for the lead and an actress came in and nailed the part. But, you could tell from her appearance that she was a little off. Which doesn't bother me, I'm insane myself. But, I'm prepared insanity. I went home and did internet searches. She had a blog, that confirmed that she was crazier than sin. She also talked about searching out 12 step meetings. She was either a recovering alcoholic, drug addict or both. Any normal human being would have tossed her photo and forgotten her name. But, not me. She came in for a call-back and was still great. So, I cast her.

    From the moment I cast her till I quit my own project, she was beyond a headache. She wouldn't show up, when she did, she looked like hell. I went to her apartment to pick out outfits for the movie, and I couldn't even find a place to sit within this hell hole. But, the kicker was the amount of pill bottles that littered this mess.

    The moral of the story is, RUN away from insane people who want to be in your movie. Do internet searches, if there's questionable findings (the first actress had numerous comments from a previous director asking why wasn't she getting in touch) move onto the next candidate. Nothing good will come out of taking the chance.

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    lol wow, that's crazy. Good tips man


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      Moral of story - DO NOT CAST addicts :)
      Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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        We have had some CRAZY stories on the forum lately.


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          Geez I had to do a a 10 min speech on Drug Problems and Addictions and let me tell you what I found while researching was crazy!


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            I would add don't have insane people on your crew either. As low budget film makers, we are often not given a lot of options to choose from and it is often tempting to hire the really talented person who you know to be insane. I think it is definitely worthwhile to remind ourselves that it's just not worth it no matter what else that person is bringing to the table. Good post.