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How to hire talent for a film

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  • How to hire talent for a film

    So I am wondering what is the best way to hire talent for my feature film. What is the best why (or) general way you hire talent for indie films, and what do you think I need to have prepared for this? How many people do you think I will need to maybe do a casting call and how many people normally show up?

    So you might notice that I am getting close to production, but I just want some guiding for this "finding talent" thing :)

    Please help :p

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    Jimmy there are a few ways to do this:

    Lets for go over a few things though -

    #1 Do you have any money for your short film?

    #2 Do you have anyone that will be helping you out?

    #3 Do you have a location where you would want to host the casting call?

    #4 Do you have a camera to record the casting? (If not, you better go really good with taking notes)

    #5 1 person could show up, or 1,000 can show up, it all depends on many factors. I am assuming this will be a small local shoot correct? (This is based on if you have a budget or not) I recommend using only local talent, do not try and hire someone from 3 states away because this is your first short and I promise you that you are not prepared to handle putting these people up for the whole shoot (hotel etc..)

    #6 Answer some of these questions and I will tell you my thoughts from my experience :)
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