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    Hi - some of you know me, here, but for those who don't, I'm Sean Gates, writer-producer of "L. Frank Baum's the Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (, an independent adaptation of the original 1900 book. We've been talking to a small distribution and production house and they want to take a trailer for our film to Cannes this may to look for buyers. We are mostly in post-production but we aren't too far along on that process and we need to get this trailer into a finished state by mid-April for approval.

    We have clean dialogue tracks and original score, but we could use some help dialing in a good sound mix.

    Although we have been doing all of this without pay ourselves, we're close to signing contacts with this firm and that could change the lay of the land significantly, to the point where this could be a paid gig. If we like your work we'd be happy to hire you for the whole film when the money comes together.

    Any interested parties feel free to contact me, or hit up my fellow producer (and our director!) Clayton at barnyardstudios[at]

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    You should title this "Sound Designer / Mixer Wanted"

    I didn't know what this post was about until the end, just some tips to you can possibly get some google search action going on as well
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      I noticed you guys had a successful indiegogo campaign, how is everything coming along?


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        It was Kickstarter campaign, in point of fact. Things are coming along nicely. This past weekend we shot the opening scenes in a period building that we cleaned out and set-dressed. It's some of the best-looking stuff we've ever shot, we're proud. Looks like a straight-up Western, and not some crappy 50's B-Western either. We wanted to go full-on Unforgiven. How did we do?


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          Very cool

          I am not sure where I saw your guys video from, but I liked it. Keep it up man