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How do you pick talent for your film?

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  • How do you pick talent for your film?

    Wondering how to pick out the talent for my short film?

    TO go more in depth,

    How can I really tell if the talent is good or not? I feel like some of these major stars have some auditions that look bad, but maybe it has to do with the audio and video quality?

    I am afraid that I will not be able to tell who will be right for the parts for my film, please help!

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    There's no magic formula, really.

    But you should audition any potential talent. If you can have them read/perform from the actual script you'll be using for the production--all the better.

    For instance, if your character is supposed to be paranoid in the production--ask them to be paranoid in the you can see if they can "do paranoid".

    Be aware, though, that someone who does a great paranoid might do a pretty bad angry rant or not-so-great subtle emotions.

    A good actor, of course, has a wide range of emotions to draw on.

    So maybe have them do opposite ends of the spectrum: paranoid, subtle melancholy, angry, annoyed--but trying not to show it, etc.

    Also vid-tape the auditions so you can go over them later before making your final choice.

    Kurt Hathaway


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      Thank you for your reply khatha..... Sorry your name is to strange for me to type out :)

      Thank you very much, I appreciate your help on this!


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        Great question, was just think of this the other day. Thank you guys!


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          Question: How do you pick talent for your film?
          Answer: Very carefully :) Sorry, I couldn't resist it.

          BTW way, Paul, you can just call him Kurt.


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            One thing we've learned (through experience and mistakes) is to always ask an actor to do X a bit differently, to be sure that they can take direction. Could be happier or sadder, more angry, whatever...
            Screenwriter and script consultant:


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              Where to find talent is a different question, and I recommend local [to you] acting clubs, associations, groups. Colleges are good, high schools, too, maybe depending on the age of talent you need.

              If your local college has a film or acting program, the candidates are more numerous.

              Be on the lookout for flyers advertising plays. You can contact the organization and maybe get some talented folks interested in your projects.

              Kurt Hathaway


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                the more showreels you see, the better ones you will find. What happened with my film is I wanted to invite one actor to audition for a specific role until i saw his showreel. Then I understood he is perfect for a completely other role :)


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                  How can you tell? Watching and listening. A good actor will make you believe what they're saying. A bad actor will be reading off a piece of paper.

                  Of course don't hire bad actors. But, that doesn't mean the good actor is an absolute hire until you iron out all the details.

                  What ever you do, once you hire someone GET A SIGNED RELEASE. Don't shoot a frame till a release is signed.

                  Without a release form, they can shoot the entire movie, refuse to sign and you can never do anything with the footage. Because they can sue you.