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Crew wanted for Christian Drama (Central Florida Based)

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  • Crew Wanted Crew wanted for Christian Drama (Central Florida Based)

    Alright, so this is my first major short film and I'm going to need quite a bit of help with it. The downside is that this is a low/no budget film so there probably won't be any payment offered. You will however, get film credit and free meals on set. So, onto the film itself and crew needed.

    The name of this movie is Story of the Unseen.

    Location: Lakeland, Florida which is about 45 minutes from Orlando

    A college student names Tyler wakes up one day to find out that he is invisible to anybody he's ever known. Tyler himself is a "church goer" but hides his true self from everybody. Confused with what is happening, he goes to church to try and figure stuff out. A mysterious man named Roman comes up to him and tells him that his friends can't see because the mask he always had on has come off and his true nature has come out. The only catch to this situation is that he CAN be seen by those he has never seen himself. Tyler must find a way of redemption or remain unseen by the people he cares about forever.

    What I need from you guys



    (College student---20-23) She meets Tyler for the first time after he finds out his little dilemma. She joins him to help find out how to be seen again. She is an atheist herself.

    (Homeless guy----30s) Sam is a man that Tyler meets on the streets. He tells Tyler that he can relate with him because people seem to not be able to see him ever. He also joins Tyler on his little journey.

    As of now these are the only acting positions I can cast right now. I will be updating this list every once in a while, so subscribe to this thread to keep informed.


    It would be nice to have at least two of these. I would love to get people with great cameras, but I understand that this is a lo/no budget film. I'll take what I can get.


    Right now I'm just asking for one. Once again, this isn't going to be a paid position but this film also isn't going to have the most difficult editing.

    So, this is all I have for now. I didn't mention this yet, but I am in Lakeland, Florida which is about 45 minutes from Orlando. This film is very important to me because I really have a heart for impacting me. I'm also new to all this, so any help would be appreciated.

    Oh, and filming will be in late June. I'm making this casting call so early because I'm going to need more people as time goes on and I really want this film to be great.

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    I sent the link to this to a friend of mine who is in New Port Richey, Fl. Hopefully he will get back with ya. He was attending Full Sail and has a Sony NEXFS100 Camera as well as a lot of editing software.


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      Thanks dude! That means a lot for me!


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        I will also pass this along to those I know in your area
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          Thanks! Oh, hears my email then



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            No problem. I'd offer to edit but the sheer size of the files would take forever to get here in Texas lol.


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              Yeah, I understand that. Thanks for telling your bud though.


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                Mr. Thompson contacted me about your project.

                I am willing to help with what I can but I do not have the gas to go to Lakeland, if you could find a way to get me the gas to do so then I will be happy to help you with your project. Gas is the only issue I have right now. I am a horrible actor though. Like my fellow Full Sail student said, I have the equipment and the programs, just need the transportation, date of the shoot, and what all you would want me to do/help with.

                You should get together some food and drinks for your volunteers. Even if you can't pay them, having them some food and drinks or just drinks would make them happier and it would place you in good standing with them.
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                  Yeah, I'm providing free food for sure. I'm sure I can put money aside and have enough money by June to get you here.


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                    Still looking the actors listed above. I have found an editor and 2 cameramen.


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                      How long do you think filming will take? I am in my mid 40's but might pass for a homeless 30 something!


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                        Originally posted by dvcasey View Post
                        How long do you think filming will take? I am in my mid 40's but might pass for a homeless 30 something!
                        And maybe it doesn't really matter if the homeless guy is 40 something instead of 30 something?
                        I've often re-written a bit to accommodate things like this.
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                          Of course! Especially with a homeless character. I could accommodate to almost any age.


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                            Did this film ever get finished?
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