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Is it possible to do this spinning wheel effect in After Effects?

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  • Is it possible to do this spinning wheel effect in After Effects?

    Basically I want to spin a circular object like a wheel. I've watched tutorials and they say to use 'rotation'. But when I use rotation, it rotates the object along it's own axis, and does not actually spin it. The wheel remains still as it spins around an imagery circle if I try that.

    Does anyone know how to actually spin a circular object?

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    Make sure that the anchor point is in the middle of the circle before you rotate it.



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      Okay thanks, but I did have the anchor point in the middle now and that still doesn't help though. Basically I have a wheel like the wheel in wheel of fortune, and I want to spin it like the wheel in wheel of fortune for the short film. Now I watched tutorials and they all say to use 'rotation', to spin a wheel. However, even with the anchor point in the middle, here is what happens when I use rotation:

      Is there any other way to spin the wheel like an actual wheel, that I haven't been able to find?


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        This is why I did not react.
        From your first post nobody could know you used a 2D picture with a 3D object in perspective expecting it to rotate in the 3D space of the 2D image as a 3D animation.

        If you used your brain you could figure out why this doesn't work.
        What you are trying to do is like bringing a picture of the front of a house and then expect to see the backyard when you rotate it.

        I'll give you a clue: AE is not a real 3D program. 2,5D without plugins.
        With plugins 3D objects can be used, but you weren't even using a 3D object, you used a 2D picture of a 3D object.
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          Originally posted by ironpony View Post
          Basically I want to spin a circular object like a wheel. .....................
          Your object depicts a circular object, but it is elliptical.

          "Okay, thanks."

          You're welcome.


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            Oh okay thanks.

            But this isn't like a house where you don't see the back. Everything you see will still be seen when the wheel spins. For example, the part of the wheel that says "bankrupt". You would still see it as it spins, but the word would just be spun around. So I thought that everything is there to see, just spun around. There is no hidden parts, like a back yard, behind a house, or anything like that.
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              You have two options. As Walter said, you could get a 2d circle, and then put it in 3d perspective. Alternatively, you could get a 3d model, which I think is what you want, but that gets way more complicated. The image you have will not work. It's just not possible.



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                Okay thanks, I tried a 2D circle and put in a 3D perspective and made it spin, as a test and it worked quite well, and looks pretty good actually.

                However, for this script, we wanted the wheel of fortune wheel particularly for a scene. However, I cannot find any photos of the wheel of fortune wheel, that are taken from a dead on flat shot perspective that is in HD quality. Every shot of that wheel that I can find in HD is taken from more diagonal perspectives. I have found a few photos of the wheel from a dead on perspective that I can use to apply the effect to, but they are very low in resolution. Is there anything I can do about that?
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                  Create one in Photoshop.
                  Or even better: find a real one to save you the agony of asking all the wrong questions about why it looks fake in your shot.
                  How hard is it to think of solutions like this?

                  Stop trolling, start using your brain.
                  Or forget filmmaking, because if you can't up your level of resourcefulness, your ability to communicate clearly, your ability to understand what is being said, don't quit assuming too much and making up nonsensical solutions for bikeshedding problems you will only get robbed of your money by greedy people who don't mind polishing turds for too much money.

                  If you cannot distinguish a 2D representation of a 3D object from a 3D object, you obviously lack the insight to use 3D software.
                  If you can't figure out that if you can't find an image of a circle with colored sections and words, you can create it yourself, you are either lazy or you lack the resourcefulness to tackle whatever problems you will meet.
                  At the same time you have a talent for over complicating things: asking what plugins you should get to create a 3D wheel of fortune, while your lack of '3D-vision' on screen made you ask this question in the first place.


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                    Okay well my brain is telling me to do the same thing as suggested which was go for the create a 2D object and then put it in a 3D perspective. I used the wheel of fortune footage just for a test, it's not going to be in the short film, but does this look good?

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