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First time with special effects- levels advice

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  • First time with special effects- levels advice

    So I attempted my first action sequence and while this was supposed to be a comedy and campy, I would still love some advice on how I could improve the green screening in the future. My issue is that the effects don't look like they are in the same world as us. I attempted to change the opacity and levels but don't think I quite got it. Any experts know how I could improve this in the future?

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    The FX look as good as any SyFy original movie. LOL. Seriously, the thing that jumped out at me is that none of the lightning bolts or fire balls are casting any light on the people, the ground, or anything else. And if light emanated from those sources of energy they would also create shadows from the objects around them. Right now they just look plastered over top what has been filmed.


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      its because you just added the effect on top of the footage, you need to add the vfx on the footage but do a color match+tracking too, when you film, you need to use flashing lights (strobes) who are going to make the environment, actor be affected by those lights, then its easier to composite the fx in the footage than in natural light, also if you want to make better effects don't abuse using too exaggerated effects like the nuke.
      if you want to make better effects you can maybe watch "power rangers" because they use lots of cheap effects :D and you can get inspired by those simples vfx.