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How do you make footage look like it's on TV?

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  • How do you make footage look like it's on TV?

    Basically in my short film, part of the story is told through the news, and I want to make the news footage look different compared to the rest of the POV narrative.

    But HDTVs look so good nowadays, that how do I make the news quality look different in comparison?

    Here is an example of news from the Robocop remake:

    Is there anything I can do to make it look like it's been seen through a lower grade footage or anything?

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    green screen, tracking 2D, compositing of the footage tv+effects and rendering


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      Should be able to just throw it into Aftereffects or Premiere and add a LUT or filter to create the effect. I've done it before, pretty easy. If you want to share the footage happy to do it.


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        Well, you are not explaining what the POV narrative will look like.

        News comes with graphics.
        ENG cameras with small sensors have a different look than S35 cameras.

        News is 16:9. If your movies is 17:9 or 21:9 you can play with those ratios.
        Bit that might just confuse you.
        The graphics, the anchor, the voice-over, on screen microphones: that makes it very different, I think.

        I guess you might be overcomplicating things again.