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Does anyone know how to props look rusty?

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  • Does anyone know how to props look rusty?

    For a short film shoot I have, I need to make props look rusty, like they have buried for many years. I cannot think of a way to do it. I looked at this video which sells a paint that is suppose to look like rust:

    However, I cannot find that kind of paint anywhere. I don't want to order it, cause I have to shoot the scene in three days for a film school project. But does anyone know where you can get such paint, or how to make items look rusty? The items are not made out of metal, but I would have to make it look like metal rust.

    Does anyone know how at all?

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    I painted a styrofoam manhole cover prop once. I did it by painting it dark brown with latex paint so that the paint would not soak into the styrofoam. Then I painted blotches on it with a spray can of primer that is a brick red type of color (I think the color was called "Red Oxide"). This on top of the very dark brown gave the surface an "iron" look. Then I painted the pockets, where water would collect, with orange paint for a light rust, but it is too bright and fake looking, so I dusted over it with the brick red primer and that knocked down the brightness. I sprayed it in a way that was uneven so that it would be irregular instead of uniform. This looked great when done. Then we put some dirt on it and ground some of the dirt into the paint job and you literally could not tell that it was not a real manhole cover.

    I hope that gives you some ideas. By the way, I did this when I was a teenager.



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      Okay thanks! I suck at making props. I found a video on how to do it, by having cinnamon and paprika stick to the paint as well. I can try both these methods. Thanks.