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How to make punched face effect

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  • How to make punched face effect

    Hi, I want to ask about fight scene in the Sherlock Holmes movie. Specifically in this sceneyoutube(dot)com/watch?v=XSc_pRWkegg. How can I achieve the scene effect like in that scene. When Sherlock punch the man's neck, his face show a slow mo effect. Is there any technique? Or should I just shoot a real punch and then slow it down?

    Thank you.

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    The shot to the throat was a practical effect. It was slow motion footage of a grab to the throat. You could do this if you know someone who knows something about doing such a technique (defense technique, not filming technique).

    I have a martial arts background. If you just grab for the throat you can injure and even damage the actor. That is why I say you need someone who knows what they are doing. You have to be sure to not contact the trachea or voice box when this is done. That can cause damage. You can injure or kill your actor, and that will make casting calls real difficult in the future from prison for man slaughter.

    The fingers and thumb make contact with the sides of the neck. This is kind of a glancing blow with actually minimal impact to the muscles. With the slight impact is movement of the skin, sliding the skin over the muscles. This is what you are seeing, and in slow motion it is quite dramatic, like everything else in slow motion.

    You have to be careful of the carotid arteries on the sides of the neck........again......the reason why you should have someone who knows what they are doing do this. The grab happens very fast, the contact is swift and light, but hitting the wrong spots can cause the end of your career.

    I hope that helps.



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      Looking at it some more notice how the actor's mouth was open when the grab occurs. The actor slams his mouth shut which also causes dramatic movement on his face. The fingers and thumb go right to the bottom side of the bottom jaw, staying away from the actor's trachea, though Sherlock says "..paralyze vocal chords to stop screaming..." If you hit the actor's voice box (larynx) he will never work for you again, and likely neither will the rest of the actors on set.

      Did I say to make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing??



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        easier way to achieve this is to do the fight moves in slow motion, then accelerate the footage in post-production, if you watch carefully you see its a lots of cuts, who gives the impressions of speed impacts.