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Anyone have any ideas on how to build a time machine prop?

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  • Anyone have any ideas on how to build a time machine prop?

    For a short film, I need a time machine, but having trouble building one that looks satisfactory. It doesn't have to fit a person inside, but just transport some objects through time for the plot. So it can be smaller. I tried dressing up a microwave, but it just looks like a microwave still, and I tried playing around with a tool box, but it still looks like a tool box, and not a fictitious time machine. I was just curious if anyone has ideas on how to make an original shape if possible, and make it original looking :).

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    A time machine in Suske & Wiske: a design used since the 60s.

    Anything can be a time machine:
    a closet with a smartphone as remote control.

    a platform with some light above it.

    Why not use the microwave?
    Just add a tacheon-accelerator and extra controls.

    In back to the future it looks like a car :p


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      What Walter said! It's anything you say it is - a microwave, an old television, a cell phone...whatever.
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        Well the reason why I thought it worked as a car in Back to the Future, cause of the high production value. If I use a microwave or a tool box, it is going to look really low, and the production value is already extremely low as it is, since a lot of it is being shot guerrilla style.

        Plus in Back to the Future, the inventor of the machine had an explanation as to why he decided to turn his car into one. He had to get it up to 88 miles per hour and what not.

        In my story, the time machine is discovered by random people, by accident, not knowing who the inventor was. So since the people who discover it are not scientists, and they do not know who the inventor is, and it's just a short film, there is no time really to explain why it would be a microwave or a tool box, etc.


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          "Wow, [insert character name here] turned this old microwave into a time machine! What a genius."

          End of explanation.
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            I'm sure the writer of Back to Future did not think: "a time machine needs to go 88 miles an hour. Hmmm, what can that be? Ah! A car!"
            I bet it is the other way around: "A car as a time machine would be cool." And then come up with the 'conditions'.
            Cause and effect in the script are not the same cause and effect in the writing proces.

            So, like Mara says: it can be anything and you need just 1 line to explain it.
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              That's true, I guess I can use the tool box or microwave then. Thanks. As for explaining it, the scientist is not there, so the main character will not know why, but as long as I can make it pass.