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Documentary Interview - "Gangland" Style Effect

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  • Documentary Interview - "Gangland" Style Effect

    Hello, I'm currently in production working on an investigative journalism documentary piece, and I want to withold the indentity of my subjects just like they do it in Gangland. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I've not seen Gangland, can you describe what the concealment looks like?

    I have done an interview where I have concealed the identity of the person being interviewed. All it took was having him sit at the end of his couch with a window behind him and adjust the camera settings for the light level outside the window. This made the subject dark, but not dark enough that you could not see him. I still had to have enough light in the room for the person interviewing him, being shot on another camera. Adjusting contrast in editing fixed that.

    To change the voice all you have to do is open the PITCH feature of your editing program and change their voice up or down.