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After Effects Tutorial - "Authentic" CRT Television Effect

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  • After Effects Tutorial - "Authentic" CRT Television Effect

    I have looked all over Google and Bing to try and find different resources on how to create different effects, one of which has been the popular retro television effect.

    Typically, however, most tutorials and videos using the effect show the familiar Venetian Blinds across the frame with chromatic aberration and colored noise. Maybe a bit of a Twitch effect as well. And while this effect is useful and often does the trick, it just never felt quite right to me, like... why couldn't we have something more realistic and believable? So that's when I realized how to do the following effect.

    Just a day later, I produced the following 47 minute tutorial about the whole process, as I felt this was too cool of an effect to not share with everyone else out there. Because while I'm sure this effect has been done in a similiar fashion by others in the past, it has never been broken down (to my knowledge) into a tutorial, especially a free one.

    So I hope someone out there will find this useful for their retro-styled projects.

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    The one thing is... its not "authentic". I have been using computers since 1982 (the DOS days) and have used about every CRT ever made. None of them ever looked anything like these effects show. They are a complete imagination, not linked to history or reality. Hell the black and white TVs when I was a kid didn't have this look. Nothing has ever had this look so I cant figure why people want to use it.


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      I'll admit the density of the points is probably off a bit. But this is exactly how I remember my television from even 10 years ago functioning.

      If you only saw the second video, and didn't see through the first minute or so, then you totally missed what the actual tutorial was about. The first screen I show in the 47 minute video is the way that everyone else does it, where as I explain how to create it in a different way that better emulates a CRT screen with the red, green, and blue channels represented by small skinny points of light.

      The images below are what I was trying to emulate.


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        I guess I always had quality TVs