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How To (Fake) Cut My Arm?

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  • How To (Fake) Cut My Arm?

    Hi, I have seen many tutorials on how to make a fake cut on your arm, hand etc. which is good but not for what I want. I want to find a way to actually see the knife cutting the arm. I do not want it to be too bloody or gory, I just want the audience to see the cut in action. Thanks in advance!

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    Anybody got any idea? :)


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      Sounds like you may have to build part of an arm that you can cut through. Latex, etc...with a blood pump.

      OR--you could do a quick insert of the knife slicing an actual arm using a knife with a semi-circular piece cut out of the blade edge. The arm would fit into the cut-out edge....sprinkle some blood around the blade and arm--then wiggle the knife as if you were cutting the arm. If it's quick enough, the audience will buy that it's an actual slicing of the arm. This may be an actual prop you can buy somewhere.

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