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    Hi, I want to know how to make green slime that is safe to be put on my body. I want to have some green slime in a bathtub (with water) and make that tub a sort of stasis/cryogenic chamber. But I want something that is runny, safe to put on skin, easy and cheap to make and something that does not stain. Thanks in advance! :) :) :)

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    Do a google or yahoo search for recipes. Maybe try youtube, too. There used be a toy like that--maybe it was called SLIME-? Came in a small plastic garbage pail.

    If you can get that, it should be okay to put in a tub--but don't eat it. And maybe there's a recipe out there on how to make your own. I was think Jell-O, but you probably want something that's kinda stretchy.

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