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My first foray into using After Effects

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  • My first foray into using After Effects

    Hi long time lurker here, thought I would finally sign up and post something. I want to be more active on the forum.

    I made a short film last year, an action thriller, called 'The Duel'. Anyway in it I was required to learn Adobe After Effects for the 1st time as I needed it for various reasons:

    Face replacement of actors faces over doubles and stunt doubles

    Background replacement (We shot reshoots in a different place in a different season and needed to change the background in post)

    Various gore effects

    And some others.

    Feedback would be great!

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    The two things that stood out to me:

    The shot with the added woodcutter truck looks odd because the truck is out of focus while everything at that distance is not and the lens has a fairly deep focus. (basically, the woodcutter's blurriness should match that of the trees and ground around it)

    The shot with the added extras walking in front of the live actors looked very good. (from this reel, I see that you are very good with motion tracking.)


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      Yeah, nice job for having just learned! In addition to what FedeleE already said, I have a few comments as well. Some of what I presumed as rotoscoping was a bit rough around the edges, literally. (Excuse the bad joke.) Nice job with the face replacement, you did that very well. Also, action essentials elements are just about immediatly recognized by many people who do this kind of stuff. For the future, look into different stock packs or create the extra footage yourself. Great job overall!