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    Hey! So i am working on this film with practical FX. I need help figuring this one out. Script reads " ...pulls a gun from his coat and delivers a bullet up throgh Senechal's chin, blowing the top of Senechal's head clean off." Sooooo yea.... Theatre suggestions welcome. Any Sweany Todd techniques welcome. I know blood tubing and prosthetic work will be involved.. Its the acctual "blowing his head clean off" part I am having trouble with. Can I do it without CGI? I feel like its possible and just a tad editing in post :/ let me know if you have ANYTHING at all. I am lost

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    I'm not an expert in practical effects, so I'll leave that to someone else. However, you by no means should do the whole thing in cgi. If you want to do it in after effects, I can tell you how to do that.



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      Look up head shots on youtube...some variation of those techniques should work.

      You'll need the top-of-the-head gore to fly up--maybe shoot that on green, blood, bits of brain.

      Then add it to the actor footage while matting the top of the actor's head [be sure to shoot a BG plate].

      I suggest you storyboard so the GS and master shots match in angle.

      Actor should be shot with a static camera--not hand-held. If you want movement to the shot--add movement AFTER the compositing is done.

      Youtube vids should fill in the blanks.

      Kurt Hathaway


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        Actually Film Riot did one on this very effect. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the specific episode, but it shouldn't be to hard to find on You tube.
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