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  • Need a Mannequin to wink...

    I need a mannequin to "Wink" at the camera. I'm filming a Campy Short Halloween Film and at the end i want the Mannequin to wink at the camera. I do not know A lot about special effects, but i am wondering if there is a simple yet effective way to do this without making it look over the top Terrible. The more realistic the wink the better.

    Any suggestions.
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    Valmont, what does the face look like?

    Is it colored? or white?

    Does it have details on it? (Eye lashes, Makeup etc...?)


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      its got a painted face. No moving parts. Eyes are painted on. same with mouth. Like the eye socket shape and mouth shape is there but its painted on top of, if this makes sense.
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        What editing/effects software are you using? You could do it with stop motion or vfx.



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          i use Windows Movie maker for the simple stuff. I do not know much about other stuff. What is Vfx? and how would i do it with stop motion? Edit photo by photo?


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            Originally posted by valmont325 View Post
            i use Windows Movie maker for the simple stuff. I do not know much about other stuff. What is Vfx? and how would i do it with stop motion? Edit photo by photo?
            VFX= visual effects. So computer generated imagery or manipulation would fall under that category. Software like Adobe's After Effects can accomplish this. With stop motion, you could take a bunch of pictures of the maniquen. In each one, cover up the eye a little more with fabric or something to make it appear to blink. Then, make each image last for only one frame, and it will appear to blink. Visual effects would be more costly, but if you had the equipment, possibly easier. If I were you, I would try stop motion.



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              I agree with Anonymous Filmmaker on this one.

              If you knew what VFX was, I'd say that's the best option, but in your situation, stop motion is a good option.

              I would suggest that you video record a real person winking at the camera and then take this footage, load it up in your video editor and count the number of frames the wink takes, than using those frames and basically just copy the position of the eyelids in each frame to whatever you are using on the mannequin and capture the same number of still frames of it's eyelids closing and re-opening... This should give it a fairly realistic look in terms of motion.

              Another suggestion I would have is that you print out the eyes and print out a bunch of the eye that is winking (if you draw them in paint or photoshop), or cut out a bunch of pieces of paper in the shape of the eye and draw the wink by hand. As long as you don't already have footage of your mannequin, than you should paste or fun-tac the open eyes on the mannequin for all your shots so that when you do the wink, it won't be jarring (think of Sabrina the witch zapping herself away in Bewitched).

              Good luck. Hope you share your results here.


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                Maybe paint the eye green then remove the green in post and then insert a eye that will blink?


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                  You can do this in After Effects. You should also consider moving up to Adobe Premiere, as Windows movie maker will not get you where you want to go in the long run, editing wise.


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                    If you have footage of the mannequin, I could try to create that animation for you and deliver the finished shot.

                    I made this kinda offer to do free, small VFX shots in another post, so this sounds like something I could do under that offer.

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