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A Gift of Wood - 100 min. Voodoo horror thriller feature script available

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  • Feature A Gift of Wood - 100 min. Voodoo horror thriller feature script available

    A Gift of Wood - Voodoo horror thriller feature script, low budget, clever plot, gripping from start to finish.

    Logline: Moments before his death, James gives his brother Terry a Juju mask he’d stolen. Will its powers protect Terry when the owner comes seeking retribution?

    Synopsis: Two brothers own a successful business. Terry, the older diligently runs it while James travels the world having fun. Terry picks James up from the airport on his return from a trip to Kenya. James has brought Terry two gifts, a doll for his daughter and a mask. He also brings some bad news. He is in debt to a Mnanga, a Kenyan witch doctor. Shortly after handing over the gifts, James dies in a terrible accident.
    At the inquest, the Coroner rules the death was accidental. Terry and Val, his wife, have a blazing row and he slaps her in public. It’s the excuse she needs to divorce Terry, take his money and run off with her lover. She storms off home leaving Terry alone.
    At Terry’s factory a weird looking black man (Mwangi) turns up demanding to see Terry. He is asked to leave. Shortly after he goes the three men that ejected him are mysteriously stricken down violently ill. In Terry’s absence, Emily, the beautiful second in command takes charge. Terry needs to be told what happened so she goes looking for him.
    Terry is alone in a pub. There is a tap on the window. When Terry looks up he sees Mwangi. When he runs outside it isn’t Mwangi but Emily that’s tapping. Mwangi is nowhere to be seen. Emily tells him about the trouble at the factory and they go off to the hospital in her car.
    En route Terry’s phone rings despite being switched off. It’s Mwangi who demands that they meet. Terry is shaken so Emily takes him to her house. There he tells her about James’ horrible death and that James had got himself into trouble in Kenya. He owed money to a witch doctor and had used his half of the factory as his collateral. Worse, he had signed a contract. Mwangi was now seeking what he was owed. Emily, who had worked in South Africa, warns Terry. Mnanga are powerful and dangerous. She urges Terry to pay Mwangi some money.
    Terry’s lawyer, Dominic, receives a letter in which is James’ contract with Mwangi. It’s watertight. Mwangi turns up and demands a meeting with Dominic. In this Dominic lies, saying James’ signature is forged. Mwangi leaves angry. Soon after Dominic’s eyes start streaming blood and Dominic goes blind. He is rushed to hospital.
    Val has booked a suite in a plush hotel. She intends spending the night with her lover. To punish her daughter, Lucy, she takes away her favourite toy, the doll. At the hotel she orders champagne and languishes in a hot bath waiting for her lover’s arrival. Darren, her paramour, arrives at the hotel but is intercepted in the car park by Mwangi. Darren goes to the room, creeps in and hunts for the doll. Moments after he finds it he goes into the bathroom and violently murders Val. His is oblivious to his act and carries on as if still on an assignation. The police arrive and he is subdued.
    At the hospital Dominic recovers completely and is discharged. A technician discovers something bizarre about a blood sample taken from Dominic’s clothes. It’s not human but pig’s blood. The police are told. Dominic is called back to the hospital and re-examined. It transpires he’d been hypnotized and pig’s blood squirted into his eyes. The investigating officer, DI Lumley, is informed of Val’s murder shortly after.
    Terry and Emily go to Terry’s house so he can see his daughter, Lucy. Lumley take Val’s case of clothes and the doll from the hotel. Lumley informs Terry of the circumstances of his wife’s death. Emily signs for the case and takes it to Terry’s bedroom. Moments later she is caught red handed searching the case contents frantically for the doll. Lumley arrests her on suspicion of involvement with Val’s death.
    Under interrogation at the police station she confesses all. She is in league with Mwangi. Together they set up James to extort him, but after his death, saw a chance to earn bigger money. It transpires Emily and Mwangi are lovers. Emily is an ex-covert surveillance technician that worked for the South African government. Mwangi is a cabaret performer, magician and hypnotist. Emily was thrown out of S. Africa for theft. In the UK she had to start afresh in a new career, and got a job with Terry’s company. When she heard James was visiting Kenya she contacted Mwangi to set up a sting.
    The doll is a sophisticated surveillance device that can record and transmit audio, used by her prior employers for spying. Emily stole it. It was all tricks to create the illusion of black magic. However, Emily claims the mask has real powers, and that because she’s exposed Mwangi, her life is in danger. She is put in the cells.
    Mwangi escapes. He takes a flight to Florida. On this he wets a napkin and twists it. Emily, asleep in her cell, starts to twist. The next morning she is found dead, her body hideously twisted out of shape.
    Mwangi is enjoying a relaxing day by the pool in Florida. Suddenly Mwangi is in agony. He believes he is burning alive. He throws himself in the pool and drowns. When hi body is recovered there is not a burn mark on his body.
    At the same time, in England Terry and Lucy are in their garden with a small bonfire, burning garden waste. Lucy asks if she can burn something. Terry gives her the mask. She throws it on the fire and it immediately starts burning.