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The Old Phone - 100 min low budget horror feature available

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  • Feature The Old Phone - 100 min low budget horror feature available

    The Old Phone - a gripping feature, low budget, fast paced throughout.

    Logline: Beautiful single mum Wendy finds an old broken phone that somehow sends her messages. But what she discovers puts her and her daughter in grave danger.

    This is set in West Wales. Wendy is a single working mum, an Environmental Agency officer. One Sunday her boss asks her to check out an abandoned vehicle, an old horse box, left deep in a forest. She takes her daughter, Holly, with her to meet the local cop, Iolo, who takes them to where it’s at, a logging site called the Cut. The vehicle is a wreck and heaped full of heavy boxes of junk, all held in place by a mirrored wardrobe on its side. While checking it out, a box slips and narrowly misses Wendy’s head. Amongst the junk spilling out is an old Nokia phone, no battery or Sim card. Wendy gives it to her daughter to play with.

    Back home the child tells Wendy a man keeps speaking to her through the phone saying evil things. Later, Wendy falls asleep on her settee and has a terrifying nightmare in which she is back in the Cut. There she discovers the decomposed body of a woman in the abandoned wardrobe. The corpse has a distinctive tattoo.

    Wendy wakes with a jolt to find she’s not at home but lying in the mud at the Cut. Paramedics are working hard to save her life. She is taken to hospital. She is told she never returned home, and that the box that slipped had struck her on the head, knocking her cold. She is kept in hospital but checks out okay. Things return to normal.

    Three weeks later she returns to work. By now removing the abandoned horse box is a priority. Wendy is asked to supervise a low loader uplifting it from the Cut. She needs the protective clothes she was wearing when she had her accident but can’t find them. She phones her mother who had collected them from the hospital. Her mother shocks her when she tells Wendy she’s cleaned everything, including the old phone she found in Wendy’s pocket.
    Wendy believes she gave the phone to her daughter, so should never have been in her pocket. When confronted, Holly denies ever seeing the phone before that day. When alone at home, Wendy calls Iolo and asks about the phone. He also denies ever seeing it. As she talks to Iolo, the dead old phone starts ringing. Iolo’s name is displayed. Wendy passes out.

    Iolo races round to Wendy’s house and has to break in to help her. When she recovers, the phone has gone. She challenges Iolo who denies taking it. Wendy hears a voice in her head telling her he’s lying. Iolo and Wendy are close, old sweethearts, but they row. In the middle of the row, Iolo is called to sort out a problem at the Cut. The low loader has got stuck at the access point, blocking traffic. He leaves. The voice she hears forces Wendy to follow him. Wendy drives past Iolo’s house en route. She’s convinced he took the phone and has probably hidden it there, so she breaks in. Inside she finds photographs of Iolo with his father and one of him with a young woman who has the tattoo she saw in the nightmare. She also recognizes the wardrobe in the background.

    Unexpectedly Iolo returns. Wendy hides in his bedroom. She is nearly discovered but Iolo’s phone rings. He is called to another job. Before he leaves, Wendy sees him take out the phone and hide it. Wendy retrieves the phone but doesn’t know what to do next. She has no true grounds to believe Iolo has murdered a woman. She drives aimlessly but happens upon Iolo’s father’s house. It has just been sold and the house-cleared. Wendy sees tread marks in the mud outside the house. They are the same as for the horse box. While she’s there her boss rings, angry Wendy hasn’t shown up at the Cut. She heads straight over. It’s now dark. At the top of the lane leading to the cut she meets her boss who updates her. The horse box has to be removed within 24 hours. As it can’t be uplifted or towed, lights have been erected around it so workmen can cut it up in situ. She agrees to check it out for safety and goes down in the dark alone.

    It’s eerie at the Cut. She switches on the lights and checks out the old wardrobe. It’s full of junk which she throws on the floor so she can inspect the wood. She finds marks that could be bloodstains. She just about to leave when a phone starts ringing. She finds it in an old coat that was in the wardrobe. The caller display says WENDY. She’s terrified but takes the call. As she listens she is looking into the wardrobe mirror. The reflection is of the girl in the photo, and the voice she hears is her own. It says ‘look out.’ Iolo runs up behind her and strikes her across the head. She is knocked cold. When she comes round she’s in a cave. She’s naked, tied hands and feet, drenched in her own blood. Iolo is there with her, burning her clothes on a small bonfire. There’s also a gruesome corpse, desiccated, rotting, the woman in the photo & Wendy’s vision. It is propped up opposite Wendy.

    Iolo tells his story. He is obsessed with Wendy. They were childhood sweethearts till she left for university. There she fell pregnant but the father disowned her. Iolo wanted to resume their relationship but Wendy wanted only friendship. Iolo searched for a woman that would double for Wendy and found Hannah. At first it was okay, but Hannah started refusing to dress and act like Wendy so he imprisoned, then murdered her. It becomes clear Iolo is mad. He plans to leave Wendy to die in the cave, but just before he leaves the two old Nokia and the two iPhones Iolo has with him suddenly start to ring. The noise becomes deafening, driving Iolo to deeper madness. He believes Wendy is making this happen so he threatens to stab her. Hannah’s corpse starts to come to life. As Iolo is just about to kill Wendy, the corpse attacks Iolo sealing him in a vice-like grip and dragging him towards the fire. There it kisses him and steps into the flames. Instantly the corpse becomes a fireball, engulfing Iolo. The two bodies collapse into the flames. Iolo is dead. Wendy is overwhelmed from the blow to her head and the supernatural horror of what has happened. She passes out.

    Wendy’s phone starts to ring and she regains consciousness. She uses the knife to free herself. She is exhausted and nearly dead when she answers her phone. It’s Holly asking where her mum is. She tells Holly she loves her with her last conscious breath.