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Seeds of Freedom - TV thriller for sale about the rise and fall of a terror group

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  • Feature Seeds of Freedom - TV thriller for sale about the rise and fall of a terror group

    Seeds of Freedom is a TV series based on the rise and fall of a Welsh separatist terror (and latterly) organised crime group. It is set in beautiful West Wales with it's stunning landscapes. The series is based on my two books (Seeds of Freedom and the sequel, The Seed Cloud).

    Seeds of Freedom is a crime mystery political conspiracy TV thriller with a very fast paced and complex plot. It is mainly set in a quiet seaside town in mid December, the dramatic but bleak West Wales scenery as the backdrop.

    It starts with a multiple murder and then moves on to the subsequent investigation. As the investigation unfolds a plot to assassinate a senior establishment figure, Prince William, is uncovered. Behind it is a senior Whitehall mandarin, powerful, and with a secret fanatical objective of achieving the separation of Wales from the UK. The high profile killing will launch an IRA style terrorist Welsh separatist organisation onto the world stage. He plans to use his powers in Whitehall to manipulate both the terrorists and the established forces of law and order to drive a wedge between the Welsh and the English, ultimately leading to an independent Wales.

    The Seed Cloud set two years after Seeds of Freedom. Wales is in the grip of a terrorist organization, The Liberation Army of Wales (LAW). However, the LAW has been infiltrated by criminals who carried out a coup. They operate as organized criminals using the original objectives of the LAW as a front for their crimes. Their thugs are carrying out an ethnic cleansing campaign to rid the country of the English, plundering the properties of those ousted for their own profit. This is the story of the murder of one man through ethnic cleansing, and how his death leads to the downfall of the LAW, setting Wales back on the road to democratic rule as part of the UK.

    This is medium budget and has potential for sequels and movies. I've attached the pilot for each series FYI.


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