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Script for sale - "The Devil's Nursery"

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  • Feature Script for sale - "The Devil's Nursery"

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Russell Davis. I have written eight scripts, three shorts, a novel called Jersey, and a comic book. I have also written for the G.o.o.d.s. magazine as an entertainment journalist. I’ve also wrote reviews for True Blood, Dollhouse, and Heroes as well as movie reviews. I have one film that is in pre-production called Entitled and another film called The Void being looked at by three companies – Paper Street Films, Minds Eye Entertainment, and Villain Pictures. I’m writing this query letter to see if you’re interested in my script “The Devil’s Lullaby.”

    Ten years ago Donald and his team unknowingly stopped a serial killer, Malone “Devil” McBride from performing a spell that would make him an immortal spirit. This left Donald emotionally scarred, leading him to retire early from the police force. Now a private investigator and a divorced man he gets some disturbing news. A boy from his daughter’s school brutally murdered his parents and later killed himself. He told the police that “the devil made him do It.” meaning McBride.

    The Boy told the police that McBride’s nursery rhyme is possessed. Those who have listened to it can harbor bits of his personality, even kill people. The police didn't believe him and neither did Donald. That was until his former step-son, Brian, started showing signs of McBride in his head. Soon after, Brian kills his mother and infects other teens from his school, including his former step-sister Jade.

    During his investigation Donald learns about the spell and how McBride is using people as puppets. McBride needs nine hearts from innocent people and one beating heart to finish the spell. Donald needs to stop him, save his family, and try to rid the world of this evil spirit before he succeeds and brings hell on earth.

    The script contains strong language, violence, and gore. The script is available upon request. my email is xzilez26[at]

    Russell Davis
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    The full script is available. If interested please email me.