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    Title: Identity Fusion

    An immortal serial killer targets twin sisters living in the bayou.


    The entire state of Louisiana is terrorized.

    Several women have disappeared and they are all twins.

    New Orleans police detective Shiloh Fitzpatrick searches for her sister's kidnapper in this taut mystery thriller about mysticism and murder in Cajun Country.

    The mounting evidence is confusing at best.

    The killer stages abduction sites like a child at play. Hand-painted cards with mysterious symbols depict violations of the Ten Commandments.

    The cards taunt police investigators at every crime site.

    Shiloh, has strange visions, her twin sister has the power to interpret them, but her sister goes missing.

    Can Shiloh find her sister before it’s too late? Then wreak justice on the morbid killer reportedly dead for 25 years?
    If you’d like to read the next great thriller screenplay, I would be happy to send it.

    Bio – Executive Producer: Bitch (Produced July 2015); Optioned Screenwriter (2 times August 2015); Associate Producer: Debris (Produced May 2015); Associate Producer: Our Father (Produced April 2014)
    Screenwriting U: Pro Series Alum, Master Screenwriting Certificate.


    Ron Meade
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