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    Hello all members and guests!

    I'm Courtney, I've been a quiet member for a few years now.

    I have a low budget thriller available entitled Ambitions of Beasts

    This script is for filmmakers with a flare for developing and fleshing out creative content. It is set in New York but can be adapted for any major city, and shot on a small budget.

    I will also include a short script entitled "Reap" with the purchase of the feature.

    I have included a sample of both the feature and the short; linked from my Google Drive below.

    If the samples are something that interest you, or someone you might know; please contact me at Einoconcepts[at] with AOB in the subject line for further details...


    Log Line: After our protagonist's best friend is murdered, he inadvertently becomes embroiled in a dark circle of events that leads him down an evil path; featuring shady characters that possess sinful desires.

    Ambitions of Beasts Sample:

    Reap: After wrapping up a case assignment, private investigator LONDON PEERS, sits inside a small town dive treating herself to a celebratory drink.

    Shortly, after being approached by a sleazy local, London finds herself drugged and sexually assaulted.

    Fearing she will be further victimized as a result of small town politics, London decides to take matters into her own hands with a potent dose of vigilante justice.

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