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  • The Compactor

    'The Compactor' is a 106 page thriller drama, low budget if you're creative.

    Logline for 'The Compactor'

    Tuesday Dalton has just found love. She has also just found the man who brutalized her, and must decide to follow her heart or follow her vow of revenge. With the police closing in on her dark double life, she must play all her cards with absolute mastery.

    Synopsis for 'The Compactor'

    After a brutal gang rape, Tuesday Dalton vows to kill those responsible, cell by cell, but suppressed memories makes it impossible for her to find the perps, so she chooses replacement victims instead to ‘cleanse’ herself.

    More than anything, she wants to love again but is incapable of intimacy. When Tuesday meets a traveling musician, she makes every effort to put her life in order.

    As she begins to make her peace, she stumbles across one of her rapists. To fulfill her vow means putting her new found love in jeopardy. With a police officer starting to ask questions, Tuesday needs to play out all her desires with absolute mastery.

    My asking price is 5,000 US dollars.


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    Sounds pretty interesting. Good luck getting this sold.