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ME AND A GUN (currently under option-see details)

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  • ME AND A GUN (currently under option-see details)

    ME AND A GUN By - Martin Jagodzinski

    WGAE Reg#R00809-00

    LOG LINE – A news correspondent gets involved in her own story as she uncovers a global crime syndicate and one of its victims bent on revenge.


    THEME – Igniting internal passion to overcome loss.

    SYNOPSIS - Amelia Matiziak is a survivor. A gritty news correspondent, her first assignment back from the car accident that took her husband and son was supposed to be one of complacency for Henry Freeman, Amelia’s boss. Amelia uses her skills to con her way to cover a more dangerous topic-a string of mysterious American deaths in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Amelia’s companion is Vic, her favorite cameraman and traveling companion. They have nothing in common, except a mutual respect for each other, never taking more than they need.

    Zora, one of Amelia’s contacts, greets her at the crime scene and gives her insight behind the killings. Mysterious, almost deceitful, she has more information than she is willing to share. She is not what she first seems, her connections run deep.

    Sgt. Lackman, the officer in charge of the investigation, has been feeling the stares and hearing the talk behind his back of his incompetence. He has lost heart, and the only way to regain it is to catch this killer of men.

    Amelia’s investigation reveals the killings are directly related to The Dominion, a multi-governmental group creating political change through covert action. The Dominion operates on many levels in many countries, always in secret.

    Mary, the wife of a lower Dominion member, is the mysterious figure behind the killings. Forever scarred by the Dominion, Mary has the opportunity, motive and means to satisfy her vengeance. Amelia begins to uncover The Dominion, and is abducted by Mary.

    Amelia must come to terms with her recent tragedy, overcome the loss and escape. Zora reveals herself to Vic as a double agent working against The Dominion for the Canadian government. Sgt. Lackman and his officers storm Mary's hideout as Amelia faces Mary in a final showdown.

    Script price - Writers Guild Minimum agreement. Currently under option with Mario Domina of Thunderball International Films, Ltd., and looking for a possible co-production agreement. Approximate budget range is $1 - $2 million.


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    Congrats Martin

    Congratulations Martin on optioning your script. I like the high concept, and applaud you for putting together an exciting query letter to pique interest in your story.

    Well played,

    Ron Meade