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  • Short Quandary

    Logline: A thirty something year old slacker wakes up in a house he does not recognize and assumes itís another drunken one-night stand, until he discovers that the others trapped in the house donít know how they got there either.

    Evan Wick is jarred from unconsciousness by a ghastly banging and this time itís not a hangover. Everything is turned upside down; furniture dangles from the ceiling in a fog and doors float hauntingly above him, just out of reach. His attention is soon diverted from the peculiar scene when he is confronted by dexterous Bridgette and an overly tan bodybuilder named Tiny, prompting him to reluctantly join them in a search for an exit. Along their journey, they come upon a terrifying room of neglected skeletons, hovering above a cranky, old woman named Lucinda, who is rabidly protecting Rosci, a pregnant runaway. Tinyís discovery of a window interrupts their meeting, but they are disappointed once again when they see it is protected by a steel restrictor that would make the even the toughest prison corrections officer blush. But, when tattoos appear on each of their bodies, divulging the groupís regretful pasts, Evan is forced make the decision to save his own life or finally make amends for the terrible things he has done.

    Number of pages: 13 pages

    Setting(s): 1 locations (a house or apartment)

    Actor requirements (with descriptions): Male (20's - 30s), Female (20's - 30's), Large Male (20s - 40s), Female (40 - 60s), Female (15 - 18), Male or Female (any age)

    I can send the completed script upon request.

    B. Self