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    Synopsis: The world has ended. All that was known of the former world is gone, except for one thing, capitalism. The governing body of the new world is The Corporation, a greedy capitalist regime that is taking control of what remains of the world's resources, and using their power to run the world. They are a no exceptions made regime that is only after one thing, power. Paper money and coins are no longer the currency of the realm. People can use only food and other resources to pay for things. The Corporation, abusing their power seeks to seize control of all remaining resources and control the remainder of the world's population.

    The Corporation starts setting up "Work Groups" that venture into No Man's Land to find remaining resources and valuables. The groups are a cover, and the workers are nothing more than prisoners. One worker, Mikael, conceives ideas of rebellion, and along with some other workers escapes one day during a "Hunt". Others begin to meet him, taking refuge in a small, abandoned town, miles from The Corporation's territory. They begin attacks on The Corporation's men, and increasing their numbers. News spreads of these attacks prompting The Corporation to begin sweeps of the towns to find them. Mikael is captured and brought to the HQ of The Corporation, where he finds the notorious leader, The CEO, to be his father, whom he had believed to have died years before. His father reveals shocking news about the fate of the rest of his family, and then gives him warning and a chance, banishment into exile.

    Mikael spends some time on his own, realizing the evil that has taken over his father must be destroyed. He returns to his fellow rebels, and they begin to plan to take down The Corporation. The final battle finds Mikael face to face with his father once more. His father shoots him, but Mikael's lover and friend, Leyna, comes in and kills The CEO. Mikael dies in Leyna's arms. Leyna becomes the new head of The Corporation, changing it to be in the people's favor. Making it into Mikael's legacy.

    I have also attached the first 10 pages of the script. Price range I am looking for is 2-5% of the budget, writer's credit, and a residual percentage which is up for negotiation.
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