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    An unorthodox FBI agent and his alien counterpart hunt a renegade alien scientist, turned serial killer, who is loose on earth.

    When young kids find a severed hand at a remote beach the Sherriff’s department is called in to investigate. Soon almost two hundred bodies are uncovered in what the media starts to call The Dumping Ground. Because of the extremely large number of the bodies the governor calls in the FBI to help with the investigation.

    Profiler Special Agent Peter Wilde responds to the scene and sets up shop. During the night there is a break in at the airport hanger where all of the bodies are being kept. A chase ensues and Wilde confronts the burglar. Wilde soon learns that the burglar is not from this world.

    Both Wilde and Enforcer Kralig realize they need each other and create an alliance. They start working together and are soon on a path leading to their killer Dr. Ronik, an alien behavioral scientist who started killing and torturing humans. When they think they have him cornered a booby trap kills one of Wilde’s FBI agents.
    They continue their hunt and soon reestablish the trail. They arrive at Dr. Ronik’s hideout and after dodging a few more booby traps they confront him. During a heroic battle against Dr. Ronik, he is killed in an explosion and subsequent cave. There is an alternate ending for a series option where he lives after medical probes remove the charred uniform that has melted into his skin.

    This is a registered feature length screenplay that may be downloaded here. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
    Cecil E. Davis, Jr.
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