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  • Brock Powers - Alien Bounty Hunter

    When alien bounty hunter Brock Powers captured a female alien for the murder of a famer, his wife, and three children, he set a chain of events into motion that can only end in a final showdown to the death.
    In a futuristic steam punk / sci fi / western type world where humans and aliens share the earth, Brock Powers lives the hard life of a Bounty Hunter. After Powers captured a female alien named Suy, wanted for murdering a farmer, his wife and their three children, her mate Rogh attacks the jail. He kills Father Isaac, the priest who raised Powers, but fails to rescue his mate Suy.

    Rogh leads the posse’ away and sets a trap killing them to the last man. Brock Powers is determined to bring Rogh in dead or alive, preferably dead. Powers overcomes an ambush in the Bottoms Up saloon, a gun fight against one of Rogh’s gang, being captured and chained in a cellar where he meets Celeste, a human female in the same boat and flesh eating flying eels. He finally catches up to him and they face off in a final a battle at the jail compound where it's all or nothing and Powers is out of ammo.

    I have been writing stories since childhood. The time I spent bouncing around from one job or another and then joining the Navy, building houses, the National Guard as a combat medic and the fire department, gives me a wealth of ideas and experiences to draw from. I am married and have three grown children. I work well on schedules and with deadlines.

    This is a registered feature length screenplay and may be downloaded here. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

    Cecil E. Davis, Jr.
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    Sounds intriguing. I'll download and take a look.
    Trent Duncan
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      I have an updated version since this one. I made a few changes regarding grammar. I would be happy to send it to you.