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    “Two hundred years after the war between the men and the women, a biologist discovers that human males still exist and acquires one in the hope of civilizing it.”

    In this futuristic, sci fi adventure script, Earth is ruled under one government, controlled by women. The Internal Security Agency has men hidden away in a secret facility. They’re treated like animals and used only for semen production. When a leading biologist acquires a man, she goes through the tedious process of educating and civilizing him. They learn from each other the hard way. But will Internal Security risk allowing a civilized man to live? You’ll find out in the action-packed conclusion.

    This 122 page feature script will require a moderate budget. There are two major characters, two minor characters, and a host of extras, some with speaking parts. The primary focus is on one location. Several other high-tech locations will be needed. There are sexual situations, rated R.

    The screenplay is based on my novel, Man: The Animal. It’s followed by the sequel, Man: The Slave, also based on my novel of the same name.
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    L A Morgan
    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music