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Space Pirates: Episode 3 Between a Rock and a Home Place

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  • Space Pirates: Episode 3 Between a Rock and a Home Place

    Logline: When fighting foes, stick together and you'll survive.


    While the Maiden is on Cosmic Traveller, Mother goes to Pirate Rock and Crone goes to the planet, Kwah'Mo.

    Mother docks at Pirate Rock in the early morning. The crew enters the docking arm from the ship.

    Karma, the owner of Pirate Rock is waiting for them. She warns them that many of her guests are mad at them for the beacons.

    They acknowledge the warning but decide to enter the rock anyway. There are no guests around at the time because most of them just went to bed. The crew decides to get supplies and enjoy the port. They figure they have eight to sixteen hours before other guests start moving around. They did. The five crew members end up fighting a large group. At the end of the fight the five are the only ones standing. They are allowed to leave.

    The Crone crew of five is having about the same amount of problems on Kwah'Mo.

    The isolationists are starting to take over the planet. The only ones happy to see them are the matriarch and a cousin.

    Two of the crew go camping in a large forest and get chased by isolationists.

    Meanwhile the three, plus the two supporters, go shopping. They end up being chased through the city. They get back to their rented shuttle. They take the shuttle and pick up the campers. Unfortunately one gets bit by a poisonous snake before they get them. They get her to the Krims station in orbit. She gets stable. All five head out on the Crone.
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    Why not just combine them all for a feature?


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      What I've put down so far is only a few episodes. I've written 22 episode for each series. I know shouldn't of but couldn't help it. I just started writing and kept on.