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Space Pirates: Episode 2 Hide-a-Beacon

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  • Space Pirates: Episode 2 Hide-a-Beacon

    Logline: Space pirates have the freedom to have fun and cause chaos throughout the galaxy.


    After the Goddess hits a cargo ship they find tracking beacons in each crate.

    They go to Pirate Rock. While the Crone and Mother crews distract other pirates in a bar the Maiden crew distributes the beacons equally to the other ships.

    Skeet, a mand for hire, grabs Nakia's arm, embedding a nano- tracker and breaking her arm. He lets her go. She warns others about the pirate hunter.

    All the pirates leave the Rock. Skeet interrogates the employees of Pirate Rock and gets the information he needs.

    While the Goddess is flying through space Blue Moon takes care of Nakia's arm. She doesn't tell Nakia that there is a nano-tracker in her arm. The last time Nakia had a tracker in an arm she lost that arm and lost her little brother. Blue Moon gets the tracker out and hands it to Akasha. Akasha takes it to the Crone.

    The Goddess separates into Maiden, Mother and Crone. Maiden and Mother go to Betsy, a fossilized sodarit (asteroid monster). Crone takes Skeet on a goose chase.

    Skeet catches up to the Crone, who is hiding in an abandoned damaged sphere. Crone disables Skeet's ship, Sue.

    Later all of the Goddess crew are a Betsy they tell Maiden crew where they found the last tracker. Maiden crew reacts badly to the news. They all remember the hell they all went through during the siege on their home planet eight years earlier.
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    Hi Kayak, are the episodes all connected to one another, if so why are you selling them separately? - I am just curious, thank you for your time.


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      They're all connected. Just trying to get someone interested in them.