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  • Space Pirate: pilot

    Logline: The Goddess crew are seen as pirates to some but as Robin Hood and his merry crew to others.


    The three Goddess ships, Mother, Maiden and Crone are skirmishing with Cosmic Traveller.

    The Krims on the ships get warning visions that the Dragon Master is coming. They tell their captains. Maiden and Crone dock to Mother then they speed off.

    In transit Chesmu, the other two captains and their second in commands have a meeting. They decide to go to Willie's Traveler's Center.

    As the pirates enter Willie's they are required to wear tracking bracelets. The crew splits up. Two go shopping. Three go to the Extreme Sports Section. Three go to a bar. Three pairs go to the Love Shacks. Chesmu and one other go to Willie's den to play poker.

    Several hours later the Dragon Master is heading for Willie's, so everyone is leaving. The pirates take off their tracking bracelets and get on their ship. The Goddess disembarks and speeds away just in time.

    The Goddess heads to intercept the Cosmic Traveller. On their way most of the crew show what they won or found. One of them realizes the items are from a lost collection. They put their bootie away because it's time to get to their stations.

    They intercept the Cosmic Traveller and get to board but they don't have enough time to get anything except a soccer ball.

    They go to a cache and hide the lost collection.
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