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Now What Episode 6 Ancient Game Cube

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  • Now What Episode 6 Ancient Game Cube

    Logline: In the game the line between virtual reality and reality is blurred.


    Cosmic Traveller crew is helping a Feli University with recovery of items from an ancient abandoned yacht.

    Nari finds an old virtual reality game cube. She is allowed to keep it.

    After getting the game to work Nari plays it with her friends.

    U.P.R.A soldiers board Cosmic Traveller to do another search. A soldier follows Mariska and Nari to the Mad Lab. Mariska confuses the soldier in the game. Nari zaps the soldier and they get him out of the lab.

    Later Mariska kidnaps the minds of her friends using the game and takes their bodies on a stroll through the ventilation/maintenance system. She wanted to have fun and share it with her friends. She lets her imagination take over and endangers everyone on the ship.

    The crew is able to take control of the situation and stop the danger.

    Nari ends up in a med bay and Mariska feels bad about what she did.
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