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Now What: ep. 5 Secrets

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  • Now What: ep. 5 Secrets

    Logline: Some secrets come to light, some secrets are kept in the dark and other secrets are started.


    Nari and Mariska are off the ship while Cosmic Traveller transport U.P.R.A. soldiers and supplies to a prison sphere.

    Skeet, a mon for hire, arrives with some prisoners he's transporting.

    After docking with the prison sphere Skeet hands over the prisoners to the warden, supplies are loaded onto the sphere and cargo is loaded onto Cosmic Traveller. Cosmic Traveller disembarks.

    Later five crates opne from the inside. Five escaped prisoners exit the crates. They exit the cargo hold through the ventilation/maintenance system. One escapee separates from the others.

    The next morning students are on a field trip at C.I.A.'s General Store. Ocee gets a warning vision. He and other upper classmen get all students out but are unable to get the teacher out in time. Four of the escapees take over the store and take hostages.

    Ocee runs and tells Anaba what's going on. He also tells her about his abilities. They tell the captain, his uncle.

    Meanwhile Nate is having a meeting with a male Feli. They finish up then he is told that his wife is a hostage.

    There is a group standing in front of C.I.A.'s. Skeet meets up with the male Feli and quickly leaves.

    The captain and others rescue the hostages. The four escapees are given a second chance on Willie's.
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