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Now What : Ep. 4 WTF

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  • Now What : Ep. 4 WTF

    Logline: A pet convention is going on, on Cosmic Traveller and it follows Murphy's Law.


    The day before the convention starts the ship is in controlled chaos. The park is being set up for it. Guests and their pets are arriving then getting settled in their rooms.

    On the first day of the convention kids play a prank where the pets get loose and run wild through the ship.

    People are suddenly falling asleep for no reason. The captain and crew realize they have at least one Se'Lo on board. Se'Lo is a shape shifter species. They can become anyone or anything down to the cell or molecule. They are hard to detect and find.

    By the end of the day all the pets are found. A few people have gotten hurt while collecting the pets.

    The next morning one group leaves with a hidden unknown person.

    The rest of the time the convention goes smoothly.
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