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Now What: episode 3 Wild MaryJane Come-a-calling

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  • Now What: episode 3 Wild MaryJane Come-a-calling

    Logline: Cannabis science experiment gets out of control.


    The Maiden lands in the Cosmic Traveller's shuttle bay. Most of the Maiden's crew has exams the next day at Breena's Space Link School.

    A little later the Cosmic Traveller docks at Willie's. The Maiden crew and few others have to hide because U.P.R.A. soldiers are boarding from Willie's.

    The teens take the opportunity to make special brownies with Spanish Fly Drop Frosting.

    The next day exams are taken then there is a bake sale. No kids buy or eat the brownies, except Lorcan. His species are not affected by THC but are affected by the Spanish Fly Drops.

    The brownies affect all the adults who ate them in many ways although most of them get horny. Most of the ship looks like a large orgy is going on.

    All kids are taken to the classroom where Ocee and the other upper classmen watch over them.

    Lorcan and Fareed are in the Mad Lab putting the extra brownies away. Lorcan hits on Fareed. Fareed throws him into the showers.

    The station and all ships are on lock down.

    The next day the teens get into trouble. The Maiden crew leave with Ocee's device hooked to the Maiden.
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