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Now What ep. 2 Bugging Dragon Master

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  • Now What ep. 2 Bugging Dragon Master

    Logline: Have unexpected adventures on the Cosmic Traveller.


    The Cosmic Traveller is off their route and in an area of spac they shouldn't be.

    Ocee is working on a science project in the Mad Lab with Bit Crazy's guidance. The project is an illegal device.

    Bit Cray hooks the device to the ship. Ocee turns it on and the front half of the ship goes dark. A few minutes later Nari and Fred arrive. Nari sends energy into a junction box. The lights come on. Fred unhooks the device then correctly hooks it to the ship. Ocee tries it again. It doesn't work.

    Nari can hear the pulse of the magnetic field surrounding the ship. Nari works the device.

    On the bridge the crew sees a bright flash of light. They realize that they have shrunk to a little bigger than space dust. They had shrunk just in time. The Dragon Master is in the area.

    The Cosmic Traveller ends up on the Dragon Master unnoticed. They find out important information and do damage to the Dragon Master's main computer.

    The Cosmic Traveller leaves the Dragon Master. Once the Dragon Master is out of the area the Cosmic Traveller grows back to normal size then cloaks itself. They head to where they should be.
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