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    This genie may look like a bad-ass biker, but he knows how to romance a woman into making the last of her three wishes.

    A short trailer for this work is available on my website

    During an underwater photo shoot, a freelance photographer finds an ancient lamp. She brings it home and cleans it, releasing Didier, a misanthropic genie. His mission is to scare Lucienne, his new mistress, into using her last wish to set him free. This does not prove to be easy. Didier is forced to put on the charm in order to win her over, and he does have skills. He can do a dynamite tango, give a Druid massage, and even make the stars dance. Lucienne faces the moral dilemma of a lifetime when she has to make her final wish.

    “The Genie” is a romantic, action fantasy, spiced by comic banter. This is the first screenplay in the trilogy. The script is 105 pages. The production will require a moderate budget. Special effects will be needed, possibly including some computer animation. There are two major characters, four minor characters, and a number of extras, some with bit speaking parts. A female singer with an earthy, alto voice will be needed to sing as the two major characters do a sexy tango. Three original songs are attached to the production of this work: the theme music; a tango (music and lyrics); and a waltz (music and lyrics). The two sequels have been scripted and are ready to go.
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