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    Logline: Come travel through space on the space cruise liner, Cosmic Traveller, where Murphy's Law reigns.


    The Cosmic Traveller is in sparring match with three pirate ships. The captain of the cruise ship is not letting the pirates board even though they are old friends.

    The Krims on all four ships get warning visions and contact their captains. The three pirate ships come together to make one ship and speed away. The Cosmic Traveller get their illegal pop out guns hidden right before U.P.R.A.'s military ship, Dragon Master, arrives.

    The Dragon Master docks and its soldiers board. They search for illegal weapons and wanted people. They find nothing and leave. The Cosmic Traveller heads to its next port.

    The cruise ship stops at a Hol-I colony in the Krims solar system. They are picking up the captains nephew who just got kicked out of another boarding school. After the nephew is on board they continue on.

    They take a wormhole to Aquatica's solar system. In orbit of Aquatic they load supplies, cargo and passengers.

    After they get on their way again six crew members and family members get curious about what the cargo is. They check out one of the cargo holds by putting the guards to sleep.

    Suddenly the friendly pirates attack and are allowed to board but aren't able to get anything by the time the ships guards arrive. The pirates leave.

    The Cosmic Traveller continues on. The deliver the cargo and passengers.

    I'm not sure what I want for it. It is pilot for a series.
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    I am working on a series bible. I'm not sure what should be in it. I do have sumaries of each episode, character profiles, species/planet profiles, ship descriptions and more.