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    “Event Horizon” meets “Independence Day” in this science fiction disaster film.

    The script is 81 pages long and there are a great deal of action sequences. This is a high budget project that will require CG special effects, including mega-explosions, earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, fall-out, and an experimental super-sonic rocket boat. Of course, you will need to show Long Island being sucked into the black hole. The tension is offset with regular comic relief. Two major characters, about twenty minor characters, and huge crowds of extras will be needed to fill out the cast for this production.

    When a hot-shot scientist fails to stop a secret anti-matter project on Long Island, a black hole forms in the lab. The singularity quickly grows out of control and starts to suck in Long Island, and, potentially, the whole solar system. Even when things get desperate, the scientist and his Chinese-American buddy keep the quips flying. During his last ditch effort to save the world, he discovers higher powers are involved here. This is a special-effects/action extravaganza ala Independence Day.
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