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  • Immunity

    IMMUNITY - by Martin Jagodzinski

    WGAE REG#IO6467-00


    THEME – The convergence of the emerging pressures of youth.

    LOG LINE - An Army scientist must race to save a young girl immune from a pandemic plague from a vengeful police officer and a doomsday cult.

    SYNOPSIS - Ten year old Dawn Newland loves her family. While visiting her brother in San Jose, a pandemic plague hits hard, kills all around her. No one is immune. Except her. If she is spared, perhaps so are her parents. She has to get to them.

    Reaching St. Louis, Missouri, Dawn is confronted by Officer John Force. He relentlessly tracks Dawn after she kills his partner in self-defense. That fact is unknown to him. Recently infected, his family and future gone, Force’s last mission on Earth is to take Dawn into custody.

    Major Joan Liberatore, Army medical officer with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) is the leader of an army unit at one of the last remaining hospitals open in St. Louis. She has lost her family from the plague, and her goal was to find the cure for them. She has become immune from all other things in her life, her pursuit of a cure consumes her.

    Joan learns of Dawn’s immunity, and must forge an alliance with Force. They want the same thing for different reasons – possession of Dawn. Force’s mission will remain the same, his motivation for his mission will change. He must grant her immunity from prosecution for her crimes for the good of the world.

    Helping Joan in the quest for the cure for the plague is Covet, a French doctor from the Pastuer Institute in France. He is jealous of Joan’s leadership, knowing she will eventually find the cure. He will do anything to get the distinction of being the one who saves all on Earth.

    Noah, the spiritual leader of a doomsday cult of survivors, tells his followers of the prophesied one who will deliver them from there hell on Earth. She will be their savior. Noah learns of Dawn’s immunity and motivates his followers to acquire and protect Dawn. He truly believes that in protecting Dawn, he will achieve salvation for himself and his followers.

    After acquiring Dawn, it is revealed that Force is also a follower, forcing Joan and the Army troops into a showdown with the cult followers. Joan kills Force, only to later find Covet also double cross her, ordering an ambush at Dawn’s parent’s house for possession of Dawn and rights to save humanity. Joan kills Covet, eventually synthesizes the anti-serum for the plague.

    The final scene is Joan and Dawn at sunrise – the Dawn of a new day.

    Screenplay price - 2% of budget, or Writers Guild Minimum agreement.
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